Urgent Care

Dental emergencies are hardly ever expected! Even if you consistently visit your dentist, accidents can happen and you can experience tooth loss or injury. If you find yourself in a dental emergency in St Helier, Jersey, then our team is standing by ready to help. We will work to fit you into our schedule as soon as possible to help relieve your pain. We aim to fit you in on the same day. We can also recommend the best possible treatment for your dental emergency.

Tooth & Jaw Pain

A toothache can begin as a minor problem and is easy to ignore. However, it can quickly worsen and become an emergency. If you have a toothache, we encourage you to schedule a visit so that your tooth can be checked before it gets worse. If you are experiencing jaw pain, your dentist can examine your smile and help determine the best possible treatment.

TMJ/TMD Treatment

If you have a constant clicking jaw, jaw stiffness, consistent headaches or overall jaw discomfort, you may be showing signs of TMD. TMD occurs when the jaw joint is not working properly. TMD can cause many side effects including neck pain, ear pain and locked jaw. Call today so our team can examine your jaw and help provide relief for your symptoms.

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